Welcome, The Colour of Water is my celebration of nature and a reminder that we can’t afford to neglect it. It is a reminder that we are all a part of nature not separate from or above it. Aside from the beauty and bounty of nature, it is a reminder that nature heals and we can’t live without it. This is my story about my return to art and nature and relearning to appreciate the beauty and simplicity that nature is and all that it has to offer.

I have created pages for each of the mediums that I work in to try to share what it is about each that draws me to them. The portfolios are my way of sharing my work with you and most are available for purchase, you will my most recent work along with the stories that that go with the trips or the inspiration that led me to create them in the latest work posts..


Photography is a special medium to me, I have to get out and experience the world to take the pictures I want. It also forces me to look at the world with a focus, an attention to the detail that attracts my eye.


Watercolour is a curious medium to work in. If you really want you can control it and create very precise images you can BUT if you let go, let it lead you, if you let the watercolour have some room to flow it will let you create images with a creative freedom and an expressive feel you could never make without letting go.


Oil is one of those mediums that can really let you express anything you want. I like to paint en Plein Air but I really like to paint in the studio. When I’m outside I really like to enjoy the moment and when I get back to the studio it is my time to remember those special moments and recreate them, re-love them and oil lets me do that.